Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Say no to memories, there's more pop to come

You know when people ask you sometimes what's your favourite song of all time and you start mumbling nervously about not having one favourite song or how it keeps changing all the time and how that's just the nature of pop? No? That's just me then.

Apart from knowing that my favourite band is probably the Orchids and that my favourite song of theirs is 'I Was Just Dreaming', I've always found it very difficult to pinpoint favourites when it comes to music because I get very easily excited and that's the sad truth.

What I never in a million years thought would ever happen though is to not be able to decide what my favourite moment of the last couple of weeks would be. Of any couple of weeks. How many amazing things can happen in a couple of weeks if you're a normal person who doesn't go on exotic holidays and is having a particularly bad time at work at the moment? So many that I was on an empty coach travelling from Oxford to London last night and sighed and said "I love my life". What's that all about?

But I really can't decide between hugs, ohmygods during the Orchids set and singalongs on moving steam trains at Indietracks; Gregory Webster and Rose Melberg singing Carousel songs together upstairs a smelly pub in Oxford; dancing 'til I'm sick to the Aislers Set on an empty dancefloor; defending Sarah Records in a cab heading towards south London; watching a cat taking up all the available space between two popkids sitting drinking tea and moaning about their hangovers; meeting Ralphie and sharing a badge; shouting "muffin!" to the Parallelograms...

I can't decide and I love it.

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