Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eight things

Blimey, I was tagged aaaages ago by Dimitra and didn't even realise until the other night. Duh! Maybe it's time people started finding out about my lame attempt at a popblog - and maybe I should make a bit more of an effort.

Ooh and then I got tagged again, this time by That Pete. Well, Pete tagged the label but I can't see anyone else doing it and I haven't got access to our Mysp*ce blog, so lalala.

Here it goes, then: eight things you might not know about me, unless you know me.

1. My first memory is of our neighbour (and one of my parents' best friends) storming into our flat dressed as Santa but with a black beard (his own) and shouting "MwahahaHAHAHAHA!". I wasn't even three yet but I remember jumping onto my dad's lap, shaking like a caught fish and crying my heart out.

2. I can speak four languages but I can only switch easily between English and Greek. Everything else confuses me greatly.

3. I love red things. There is something in my brain that directly links red to happiness.

4. If I'm at a popdisco or a popshow I cannot not dance to a song I love. I like to think it's loyalty when in fact it's just an obsessive compulsive disorder, especially when I do it even though I know I can hardly stand up (be it from drunkeness, illness, tiredness). Last Friday I almost made myself sick dancing to the Aislers Set but I couldn't stop.

5. My first job in Greece was helping my English teacher's autistic older son with his homework. I did it every weekday afternoon for two years in exchange for English lessons.

6. The first time I got ridiculously drunk was when I was 17 and I was at the island of Rodos. The second time I was 31 and in Sheffield.

7. I always think I disappoint the people I love and as a result I apologise all the time.

8. I have now met my favourite film director and my favourite popband. I got hugs from all of them.

I have to nominate some poor souls to do this. I wonder if they'll ever come across this entry...
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Crayola Sarandon said...


funnily enough, i got tagged with this meme via another journal - so here's the answers that i gave then:

8 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

1. On holiday one year my dad and I slipped into Southampton's football ground. The stadium was empty apart from some men in suits and a goalkeeper. As we got closer we realised that the goalkeeper was Peter Shilton.
Then a burly bloke muscled us out of the place.

2. I once owned a small skull. I have no idea whether or not it was real, though of course during school I REALLY REALLY wanted it to be. A friend of mine had stolen it from his mum's workplace - it had gynae dept written on the bottom.

3. I held the 1500m, long jump, high jump and 100m records at school.

4. The first time I ever got on a motorbike I lied to the lad who owned it - "Oh,yes of course I know how to ride. I wouldn't want a go otherwised would I?". After crunching the gears a couple of times I realised how it worked and off I went. This is also how I learned how to drive a car. I simply got into one and worked it out from what I'd seen other people do.

5. I once helped push a lamb's bottom back in when it prolapsed.

6. The first time I saw an animal at a zoo my dad took me to see the lions. We went up to the cage and the lion covered us in wee. We went straight home.

7. I had my first proper snog with tongues and that at the age of 10.

8. Having given up all drug use many years ago I am so paranoid of being spiked that if I'm in a pub or even someone's house and I turn away from my drink for more than a minute or so I have to leave it. Even if it's just been poured and paid for. Otherwise I panic, my heart rate soars, and I spend the rest of the evening trying to convince myself that the effects I'm feeling are all in my head.

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stricken office worker said...

I finally got around to this. In a way. Your fan, k.

( - i can't work out how to do links!!)