Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Helen Love loves me

I'm not one to boast but Helen Love sent me an mp3 taster off her new album today. She sent it to me. Me. Little ol' me. Me.

I'm ridiculously excited about the covers compilation Pete and I are putting together. The submissions I've already listened to are as pretty as the summer sky and totally spot on. I don't want to give much away right now because the rights situation is not clear yet, but if we end up releasing it, it's going to be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

In other news my head and my body ache from the crazy ups and downs of the last few days. There shouldn't have been any ups and downs so I'm not quite sure what happened but, woah, did the madness mess up my head. I feel all floaty and in desperate need of a few drinks but first I need to go to bed, put the radio on and read my book. Drinks, bed, radio, book. Right. Got it.

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Dimitra Daisy said...

Apart from squirrels, I also like how this blog looks different every time I look at it.