Friday, August 24, 2007

I wish I wish I had some money

In the last couple of days the subject of doing a house gig (popshow!) came up a few times in conversations while lying on the sofa sipping tea and listening to A House Full of Friends, the Magic Marker compilation. The first time the subject came up I was saying how brilliant it would be if someone else did it so I could go. Now I’m sitting here, thinking about my life a little bit and the great things that I’m lucky to have and all the popshows I get to see and organise and help out with, and my heart starts racing at the thought of having a couple of bands playing acoustically in my tiny front room and maybe 15-20 people attending. Don’t let me go ahead with it: I’ll probably end up wanting to do it every week. You know what a good alternative to house popshows is though? Popshows upstairs at pubs, unplugged and joyous.


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- Rose Melberg singing ‘A Holiday in Rhode Island’ live in Oxford
- A very weak cup of tea
- Saint Trainticketbooking-on-the-Internet
- Science is sexy – you know, when it's cool

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