Friday, December 28, 2007

I only faint for trains and Buffy

I'll tell you what, kids. If you want to have a go at being romantic, don't start hanging out on railway platforms on cold winter mornings for longer than what is absolutely necessary, or you might end up spending your entire Christmas holiday passing out in the bath, with a body temperature of over 40°C, mind-blowing hallucinations, no food and, more importantly, no pop. It's my fourth day of being really bloody poorly today, and the first whole hour I've spent not lying in bed. I am on my way back there now. Dammit.

Still, my hallucinations were Buffy-related. Silver linings, eh? Yeah, I can hardly stand up but I did totally dust those vampires, baby.

1 comment:

martijn said...

Aww.. the things one has to go through to appreciate railway platforms. Hope you'll set well soon!