Sunday, December 16, 2007

Podcast #2: Pop of the shorts

On Friday I was standing on a cold platform in Hertfordshire waiting for a train to London when I burst into tears. Then a Royal Mail train whizzed by and dried my tears away, bless its lovely red carriages.

In less geeky news (but only just) this is my second podcast, made up with popsongs that last 70 seconds or less. It has moments of loudness, moments of fun, moments of perfect anticlimax and sadness. But they're just moments and they leave me breathless. Download it here (25 MB). Apologies for the rubbish sound, again.

Tracklisting (17'46")

Hello, How Are You? - Mad giraffes
Talulah Gosh - In love for the very first time
The Budgies - Winter depression
The Happy Birthdays - Wasting my time
The Motifs - The song that made you sad
Electrophönvintage - Break my heart again
Pipas - The conversation
The 10p Mixes - Silly boy
Colin Clary -
Aventuras de Kirlian - Ayer hice una casa
Henry's Dress - Sunshine proves all wrongness
The Aislers Set - The Train #2
The Orchids - [Untitled]
The Receptionists - Spradley
The Cat's Miaow - One of us is in the wrong place
Marine Girls - Day/Night Dreams
Rough Bunnies - Last night I dreamt I screwed a hen
Girlfrendo - Kisses in the nursery
* surprise song!*

This is totally unchristmassy of me, I know. But Matt over at Skatterbrain has done such a brilliant job with his Christmas mix, so you'd better go and download that as well. Ooh, and the new Pocketbooks Christmas song 'Christmas in your sights' is a real treat. It's got the best 'wooooohs' ever. Mmm.


Dimitra Daisy said...

That! Song! Is! Great! That Pocketbooks song is great! It is great! It is great! It is great, I tell you!

Dimitra Daisy said...

It makes me excited! It makes me love the whole wide world! It makes me love it! It makes me smile! It makes me look forward to tomorrow! It makes unable to shut up!

Dimitra Daisy said...

It also makes me swoon.

Marianthi said...

You like it then? :)

Dimitra Daisy said...

I knew you would understand me, Marianthi.

Pete Green said...

I hope you've got over Hertfordshire. Awful, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting our song!

Matt said...

this was a wonderful podcast!!
thank you :)

Matt said...

i love love love those cat's miaow and happy birthdays tracks

Dennis said...

Hello! How on earth did you find my blog? Ah, you got one of those sectret web site statistics devices, right?

I love your podcasts!

Anonymous said...

What an awfull podcast !

Anonymous said...


Absolutely great ! awesome ... ( not awful )

Am i that stupid !

Anonymous said...

This is great info to know.