Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lalalalondon popfest

So what's everyone doing at the end of February?

This last week has been all about finally starting to tell the world about our little pop secret and it's such a relief to make it real and see everyone getting so excited. We have friends travelling from all over to be here which makes me feel scared, proud and happy in equal 33.3333% measures. I hope the tube is working that weekend. I hope everyone shows up like they said they would. I hope everyone has a smile on their face.

If you'd told me 10 years ago that I'd be able to play a small part in doing things like this, I'd have built a time machine to make it all go faster. The question is, would I have skipped the part where I got mildly obsessed with an ELO song?

The Hit Parade, 'I Get So Sentimental'


Pete Green said...

When Jeff Lynne sang the line "it's a terrible thing to lose", he was clearly talking about our indiepop credibility.

Dennis said...

Aw. This looks so wonderful! If it's gonna be as great as it should, do another one next year, when I can maybe be there?

Unknown said...

And a mighty fun secret it was. Not to mention a fantastic song posted to this secret. I get so sentimental.

Anonymous said...

Indeed it is a fantastic song, and it was a beyond fantastic Popfest. Can't wait till next time!