Saturday, December 13, 2008

Podcast #8: Christmas pop sparkle

Today's crazy wind and ruthless rain couldn't take the sparkle away. I haven't decorated or anything but my fairy lights are twinkling all around me and I'm smiling. This podcast is not just about the joy of it all, but don't we all love a good weepy Christmas song? And snow songs are the best.

Download it here (30 MB)

Tracklisting (32' 43")

Tomorrow's World - I don't intend to spend Christmas without you
Pocketbooks - Christmas in your sights
My First Keyboard - Christmas is only good if you're a girl (boy)
Action Biker - Frosty snow winter
Dennis Driscoll - It's snowing
The Middle Ones - Christmas (baby, please come home)
Nixon - Anorak Christmas
The Long Blondes - Christmas is cancelled
Eux Autres - Another Christmas at home
Brighter - Christmas
The Tidy Ups - Snow song
The Aislers Set - Christmas song



Anonymous said...

This is lovely x

Anonymous said...

going to download this when i get home from work. i've only just discovered your blog and already i have a dozen records on my 'to buy' list. belle and sebastian are my favourite band and i've always known there must be some kind of underground indiepop scene with dozens of bands i'd love but being quite heavily involved with the punker side of things (although there's nothing more punk than diy pop music) i wasn't sure where to look, and now i've found it! a million thankyous, all i need to do now is convince my friends that lack of distortion doesn't mean music can't be amazing :)

Dennis said...

Ah, Rob you lucky guy. There's so many exciting things to discover now you're on your way! I'm almost jealous that I already knew!

Great selecetion once again, M.!

Marianthi said...

Thanks Penny and Dennis! And Rob, that's really brilliant. This is the best time ever to get into the indiepop scene because there are loads of wonderful bands around and great labels and shows and amazing people and oh, everything is wonderful. Yay!

Aaron Wee said...

It is surprisingly difficult to get indiepop in Providence, RI. I only just discovered your blog and I loved this compilation. I'm definitely more on the "honey and sparkles" side of things and have a difficult time to explain why I'm so proud to be twee while being... who I am, studying and reading what I do... and I've come up with many a good "explanation". But who cares? I'm happy and say hello to bunnies.

Christmas = sparkles and twinkly things = happiness and love

Very Strange, Very Very Strange said...

I love this one, Merry Christmas.

Marianthi said...

Hee! xx

BigJB said...

Love your site. I subscribed to your blog and will dl your offerings. Check out my blog, you might like the songs I post. We have similar tastes.
Have you heard of Bubblegum Lemonade??