Friday, February 08, 2008

Podcast #3: Hey hey pretty pop!

With my computer healthy enough again to play more than two songs without crashing, with the sun shining brightly, with thoughts of bare feet tempted by the sea, here is my third podcast. It's music I wanted to listen to this morning and that's about as far as I got with a theme


Download it here (35 MB). I am off to eat a clementine.

Tracklisting (36'13")

Pencil Tin - Poignant
Pocketbooks - Don't stop
The Airfields - Never see you smile
Liechtenstein - Universal appeal
Kissamatic Lovebubbles - Roxanne
The Bumblebees - Cool Science
Sparky's Magic Piano - Something somewhere
Kanda - True friends are golden
Pop Tarts - Hallo Franzi
Kawaii - Crowded room
Cessna - Explain to me again
The Gloombuttons - Every little thing
The Winter Club - Mix tapes that Lucy made
The Mai 68s - Froth on the daydream


Anonymous said...

Gosh this Liechtenstein song is fantastic !!! Can't live without it anymore...I'll send an S.O.S to Renée !!

Marianthi said...

It's ace, isn't it? You probably know this already but it's a cover of The Misfits song for Jem and the Holograms. Look!

Anonymous said...

Dig it! This is the first one of yours I've listened to and I liked hearing your intro. My favorites were Kanda and The Airfields.

Between Kanda and Pop Tarts, was there a short lil' somethin' thrown in there that wasn't part of the next song?

christine said...

Dear Marianthi,

These podcasts are awesome! They're the perfect length for my commute. Thanks for making me smile in the morning.


Marianthi said...

Thanks so much for listening, you two.

Jennifer, the bit you mention is part of the Pop Tarts song.

Emma said...

Hey thanks for putting Pocketbooks on this!