Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Podcast #1: Loud and pop

My first podcast, brought to you by a day spent at home, in absolute silence.

Download the file here (37 MB) and please forgive the awful sound. I am rubbish at Audacity.

Tracklisting (38'10")

Helen Love - I love indie pop
Town Bike - Trouble fucken rocks
The Tony Head Experience - Debbie one
Bis - Starbright boy
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Tour heart throb
Bunnygrunt - Inanimate objects
Shop Assistants - Fixed grin
The Crabapples - Quality not quantity
The Parallelograms - Orchard Square
Dorotea - Kortedala
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - The pains of being pure at heart
Horowitz - Judy is a punk
Fat Tulips - So surreal
Mika Bomb - Heart attack
Piney Gir - My generation
The Tidy Ups - Left behind

Hope you like it!


Trev Oddbox said...

I found the blog! I like the first podcast Marianthi! Keep up the good work. Was really surprised to hear your voice at the start - my old podcasts didn't have my voice on them!

Marianthi said...

Thanks, Trev! I added the voice bit because it made it sound less like a mixed tape. But then again it sounds a bit daft so, y'know, it all balances out in the end. :)

Tom said...

Ah good stuff.

Let's hope you don't have some pedant posting that it's not really a podcast because you haven't enclosed it in RSS/XML and then gets upset when you tell them to $£"!%@@&^%$$!!! off.

Like I did! ;o)

shhhh said...

ah thanks marianthi! I didn't even know you had a blog!

first a club night, then a label, now a blog... you're like indiepop oprah!

(they do have oprah in the uk, don't they?)

now, off to learn a ramones song

Pete Green said...

This is awesome. Are you gonna do one every day? :)

Emma said...

Yay! Thanks Marianthi. This is going to cheer me up from my poorlysickness.

Anonymous said...

I preferred your earlier podcasts, etc., etc.

Spike said...

Without exaggeration, this is my favourite podcast ever. Not bad for your first attempt!

Marianthi said...

Oh! Thank you all so much for listening and saying nice things and stuff. xx

on_a_sunbeam said...

Hey there, I've been listening to your podcast over the last couple of days, lots of songs I didn't know! I hope there will be second one soon :)

Josh Gaffin said...

who on earth would play the fat tulips?

sheggi & joshy xx

Anonymous said...

I used to listen to that Tony Head Experience song non stop! Totally forgot about it! Great podcast!

Killing_moon said...

yeah! It's very sweet, I'm downloading everything else from you, really nice. Merci!