Friday, November 16, 2007

[empty subject]

When I am sitting here trying really hard to convince myself that in a few days everything will seem a lot better and, y'know, it's all fine really, it's only a bad spell - well, it doesn't feel right. It's been the slowest, weirdest week and today I sneaked out of the office for my lunch break and came home because I needed to be on my own. For the first time in, I dunno, my life, I didn't put any music on and I haven't listened to any music for hours and hours. That's how emptiness feels.


FiL said...

Well, this comment really relates to your previous post, but methought it might go better here.

The Popguns! Hip, hip, huzzah!! No idea what the tune is called, but it is luuurvely. A welcome splodge of sunshine in my wet Vancouver.

Many thanks!!

Pete Green said...

Imagining the world without something is the best way to gauge the worth of that thing. You know, like you wouldn't really miss golf or Noel Edmonds, but the world would be appallingly empty without music, or cats.

At the moment I'm quite drawn to the idea of a world without football...