Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm not scared to get happy

I am so happy, in fact, that I spent a drunken evening listening to Belle & Sebastian and smiling to myself. The ability to feel happy right now often eludes me but I have a very small reason to be happy and it's small enough for it to not overwhelm me. You've got to think small.

Life is complicated and life is great. I want to dance.

These mind-blowing insights were brought to you by:

- vodka and apple juice
- 'Sleep the Clock Around'
- pretty hair
- pink

1 comment:

Colin said...

Drunken evenings with Belle and Sebastian can be splendid, super, wonderful. Even better if you have Marx and Engels for company as well, I have found. And why not think big? It works occasionally, sometimes not even ending in bitter disappointment.