Sunday, September 16, 2007

City of fallen leaves

In my terribly schizophrenic world, my heart is about to break while I'm having a nice time - I can't sync. I have this feeling of impending doom that pop can't seem to shake off, this frustrating feeling that I'd rather I was done with the next few days already so that I can live through the doom and win the struggle to come out the other side as safe as can be. I can't deal with all the waiting. I hope this is cryptic enough for you - you'll have to forgive me, I've had a very odd few days.

On the other hand, events like autumn are making life officially Good. Battersea Power Station is my proper view from the flat now the leaves have started to fall from the trees and it feels like it's appeared out of the blue.

The gloom was brought to you by:

- The Frost, 'A Song About Us'
- Lack of proper food
- Sweden
- Kissing

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