Thursday, May 24, 2007

Captain Easychord, sir!

Yesterday evening I was standing up at a bus stop in Pimlico and I started weeping. I couldn't stop. I felt so helpless and dependent upon the one thing that no-one shouldn't ever depend on: work. I felt emotionally dependent on it, damn it and I couldn't help it. And then something strange happened: 'Captain Easychord' by Stereolab came on the ipod. It's my favourite Stereolab song: I love how straight the lyrics are but how the lush, familiar music envelops them and Laetitia's vocals make it such a warm song against all odds. It's perfect. But this time it completely transported me and I understood it completely, it became part of me.

Ne retenez pas, r├ęsistez pas
Faites vivre ce qui, ce qui doit vivre
Laissez mourir ce qui doit mourir

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