Thursday, July 09, 2009

Podcast #10: The joy of pop

We have Indietracks and we have Bristol and we have trains that take us there and harbours to sit by, and we have cups of tea and cheeky bottles of vodka, and so everything that's impossible and heavy and scary gets drowned in those and the joy of pop.

What? It's true.

You can download the new podcast here (38 MB)

Tracklisting (33' 38")

Henry's Dress - Definitely nothing
First Base - I'll be your hangover
Vanilla Ride - Rocket bicycle
The Mayfair Set - Desert fun
Standard Fare - 15 (Nothing happened)
The Hi-Life Companion - Jenny and Bill
Cheap Red - Unlucky in love
The Wendy Darlings - Eleasy
Love Dance - When you're with him
Stars of Aviation - Herman Dune slept on my floor
The Specific Heats - Are you for real Mehgan O'Neill?
South Ambulance - Davy Crockett
Figurine - pswdstdum


Dimitra Daisy said...

What about Bristol?

Marianthi said...

Popshows! This weekend! But you're Lucksmithsing abroad, aren't you? Boo. :) said...

Very Nice,
thanks for this Podcast.
Greetings from Germany

Nik said...

How exciting! Now my evening has some purpose. I will download this as soon as I get home, yes I will. And listen to it on the way to work tomorrow. And hopefully it will put me in a good mood. And perhaps I'll see ducklings...AGAIN!

I too cannot wait to get on the giant indiepop choo-choo train of fun that is indietracks. Yay!

cino_pacino said...

love ur blogs, excellent taste!!

Marianthi said...

Thanks ever so much for reading the blog and listening to the podcast. x

Dimitra Daisy said...

Oh yes I was in Germany. It was not boo though, it was great! Too bad it was this weekend, but oh, well. Most of the bands I'll see in Indietracks.

Speaking of which: see you soon :) :) :) :)


Astrogirl said...

geia sou Marianthi! eimai i fili tou christou, gnoristikame stous Pains athens!! iperoxa ta podcasts sou :D hope you enjoy my new blog too xx

Marianthi said...

Glad you like them, Eleftheria. Thanks for the link to your blog!

BigJB said...

The podcast has a lot of skips. It's great though.

Things said...

What's this Vanilla Ride stuff? where did that come from? Why does nobody tell me about these things. I know so much useless stuff and I don't know anything about Vanilla Ride.

I'll swap your Vanilla Ride knowledge for my "list of things that Dudley is the largest town in th eUK not to have"