Sunday, February 08, 2009

Podcast #9: What matters most

I think tonight I know what matters most and I made a new podcast so I don't forget. You can download it here (35 MB).

Tracklisting (38' 34")

Pale Saints - You tear the world in two
Girl Alliance - The train to school
The Yesterday Sky - A winter's dawn
My Favorite - Burning hearts
Mousefolk - Don't let me slip away
Betty and the Werewolves - The party
The Give It Ups - Make and do
Mascot Fight - Danger man
Paisley - I'm right here
Pants Yell! - Alison Statton
Dead Famous People - Postcard from paradise
Je Suis Animal - Secret place
Sylvan - We don't belong


Anonymous said...

I had never heard of The Yesterday Sky but how could anyone mistake Robert Wratten's voice?! I found a tiny mention of them on

Classic My Favorite sweeping, epic, heartbreaking song. Like that you are all over that one right now. :-)

Je Suis Animal are one of my favorite bands right now and I'm thrilled to have such a gorgeous band around today.

Marianthi said...

I should really put a bit more information about the bands on here. Even a link maybe. Fancy that.

Songs for Girls said...

Pale Saints!
and much more stuff i have no clue about! ah, Marianthi, you're one of a kind!

Songs for Girls said...

hey, what matters most?!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one of your finest podcasts. Thanks!

Pete Green said...

Best podcast ever. Thankyou!

What matters most? Is it LIFE ITSELF?

Marianthi said...

Thank you for being nice!

Xanthi and Pete, if you put together the fourth and seventh letters of the second word of each song title, reverse the order, throw half of them in a fire and go for a walk, you'll find out what matters most.

I'm not just making things up, you know.

Camila said...

such a lovely podcast!!! :)

so, what matters most? i'm trying to find a pattern in the songs. is it the person one loves?

Marianthi said...

You're probably right.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, that's coolness, Marianthi! Two tracks in and just what I need today. Cheers, love!

Marianthi said...

Glad you listened to it, Si. Thanks! x