Friday, November 14, 2008

Podcast #7: Spine-tingling

You don't want to be anywhere near me when I'm listening to these songs. Or, I dunno, maybe you do.

Download it here (25 MB)

Tracklisting (31' 22")

The Orchids - I was just dreaming
Tiny Microphone - You disappear
Slumber Party - Never again
Tompot Blenny - Thinking of ways of keeping you warm
Secret Shine - Deep thinker
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Come Saturday
Pipas - Barbapapa
The Bird and the Bee - Again and again
The Wake - All I asked you to do
This Mortal Coil - Late night

Heh, now I remember Kip introducing 'Come Saturday' at their Nottingham show last year as "a song about coming". Mmmm... See you later.


Anonymous said...

Spine tingling? Oh, honey, that was clit tingling! And I was glad to see the file named 'sex!'

That Orchids song is off the record, isn't it? It's a lot more intimate sounding than the version I have off the LTM rerelease.

The Tiny Microphone song is just gorgeous. And I love that you've included her!

The Secret Shine/Pains combo is lush. Mmmm.

And that Wake song is one of my all time favorites of theirs. SO sensual. GOD! Definitely a song for candlelight and hazy evenings like honey.

DJ Talbot said...

This is my favorite podcast that you've done! I love to hear songs that I never heard before. Thank-you!