Saturday, April 26, 2008

Le jardin de Gilroy

Today I opened all my windows, stayed in bed until stupid late watching indiepop videos on Youtube, went for a lovely walk in the sweet afternoon sunshine, fed some squirrels, made a leek and potato hotpot and an apple and pear crumble, and remembered Gilroy - the band of Cathy off Heavenly and Paul from the McTells. You won't really find much about them on the old Google (not even on Twee Net; although Nancy posted about them less than a year ago) but as far as I know they only released the two seven-inches on Bi-Joopiter which were loud and a bit garage-y pop mayhem-y. *love* 'Renaissance Girl' is particularly ace. So, via the power of witchcraft, I made them into mp3s and here they are:

Download each song separately from
Download all the songs as one zip file from Mediafire

Renaissance Girl (bi-joop 029, 1995)
A1: Renaissance Girl
B1: Sophists
B2: Spanked

Get Grubby with Gilroy (bi-joop 030, 1996)
A1: Lube Tube
A2: Cut & Run
B1: I Want What She's Having
B2: Lube Tube (again!)



Dennis said...

I love your withcraft. Listening now (never heard about them before). Beautiful. Tralala indeed! Perfect music for this sunny day.

Anonymous said...

Excellent - have these in 7 inch form in a box somewhere - but not listened to for years.



Duyuss said...

the band of cathy off from heavenly and paul are really nice... great!!!

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