Monday, March 17, 2008

Podcast#4: It's complicated!

This podcast is about love. It's something I don't really talk about much but indiepop songs help me figure it all out - how teenage of me. It's true though: I am a pretty simple person and love still bemuses me and makes me hysterical and helpless. Some of the songs on this podcast mean a lot to me (like 'The Red Door') and others are there because their viewpoint surprised me (like 'Fun to Pretend'). I love you, I like you, I fancy you, I miss you, kisses, let's have fun, it's fine as it is, it's not enough, I am lost, I am so happy, mmm sex, you broke my heart, this is it, long-distance, domesticity, lovers or friends, security, cuddles. It's all in there, in one hour of lovely pop. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? I wish it bloody was.

Download it here or here (53 MB)

Tracklisting (60 mins)

Boycrazy - Bad things
The Airfields - Yr so wonderful
KateGoes - Heartbeat
Figurine - Let's make our love song
The Happy Couple - Another sunny day
Slow Down Tallahassee - U R Grace U R
La Buena Vida - Dulce y callado
Aerospace - Summer days are for ever
The Positions - Bliss!
Blueboy - The joy of living
The Deirdres - Fun to pretend
The Orchids - If you can't find love
The Frost - A song about us
Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains - I'm so glad I met you
The Aislers Set - The red door
Comet Gain - Don't fall in love if you want to die in peace
Rocketship - I'm lost without you here
Trembling Blue Stars - Missing the moon

Thanks for listening to it.


Josh Gaffin said...

thanks for another brilliant podcast!

joshy xx

Dennis said...

So many pretty songs! Thanks!

Also: I really must hear more KateGoes. They sound like a lot of fun from the two songs I've heard so far.

Marianthi said...

Thanks Joshy, thanks Dennis!

KateGoes are lovely. Crazy but lovely.

Anonymous said...

And this just confirms why you are such a respected arbiter of taste! From start to finish, you have compiled beautiful songs that are so wonderfully thematic. I loved your little breakdown of the many facets of love in your description of the mix, too. Just perfect!

That Airfields song turns my insides to butterfly mush. I love this twinkly, sensual song. Ohhh. I loved that Boycrazy song too! I have heard such varied music from them but this is fab. The Figurine track is right up my alley. Synth pop love. And Blueboy, The Orchids, The Aislers Set, and Trembling Blue Stars = ALWAYS.

Thank you for putting this together, girl!

xoxo jennifer

alex said...

i listened to this podcast on my train ride this morning and enjoyed every moment of it. so many lovely songs! xo alex

Nur said...

Thanx so much!
This podcast sounds great, and you made me discover many bands that i didn't know. I'll keep on listening...